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Discover How to Be Fab@50 in Five Days or Less
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‘FAB@50 & Beyond’
Discover the sacred steps to liberated living with a
FREE 5 day Video Series that will transform your life.

Its time to draw the line!
Ditch disastrously drab – Switch to diva-liciously fab.
Discover how to Be FAB@50 in five days or Less.

 Precious, divine woman,


Hi! I’m Mirella del Mondo, a fiercely passionate Women’s Transformation and Freedom Coach for women wanting to feel fabulous in their 50’s. 

If you’re done putting your life on hold – hiding behind insecurity and struggling with self-doubt – you’re in the right place being here.  In this safe space that I’ve created for you, you’ll find powerful and proven strategies that will give you the sacred tools you need to go from drab to fab.  

It’s time to rise and shine, sister.


 My Sacred Services for You:

“If you want to design your life, this is for you! You are the architect and Mirella gives you the tools to observe your state and design your day.

She is a teacher of life and an inspiration. She supports you in rediscovering what you already know and being empowered in who you really are.”

~ Betty, Business woman


“I am becoming more Motivated, Focused and Confident, now that I am unblocking old negative thoughts and replacing them with new ones.

Thanks to YOU Mirella for sharing your wonderful gifts. Each day, I get one step closer to the life I want and deserve.”

~ Louise Hefferman, Nurse


Wonderful woman,


When I’m not swimming with dolphins, hiking, traveling or spending lush time with new grandson, I’m working with women just like you to help them create the life they deserve and release soul-sucking self-sabotage forever.

With me, you’ll discover how to unshackle your past from your future and experience a life that is totally aligned with YOU!

I bring you my loving presence, power practices and sacred strategies from over 30 years of experience in the healing arts, mind body therapies, yoga and  transpersonal psychology.

You will no longer have to push your way forward! Together we can create true and lasting divine transformation that cultivates your divine inherent power …. one breathtakingly simple step at a time.

Once you discover your Feminine Power and tap into it fully,
your life will become rich!

“What an amazing week of swimming with wild dolphins, yoga and awesome activities on her retreat in Hawaii.  We had heart-felt connections with the dolphins on a near-daily basis, visited the active volcano (one of the highlights of the week) and our Hawaiian feast was truly a one-of-a-kind experience.

Mirella’s unbridled enthusiasm for enabling participants to shine in their light and reach new heights is truly remarkable. Her deep compassion and connected approach brought out the best in each one of us.  It allowed me to openly dance my dreams both on my mat and enriched my soul. I certainly reached out beyond my limits, saw new possibilities and began growing into what I have desired to become. I highly recommend joining her on a retreat anywhere in the world. Just go for it – your life will never be the same.”

Martin, Engineer

It’s your time, darling divine…


… to stop playing small.

… to stop saying “yes” when you really want to scream “no!”

… to stop giving in, buckling under and keeping up pretences.



I’m on a mission to help you create your fabulously fulfilling life
…. feeling at peace with your past, enjoying the present and excited about your future.

Enjoy every empowered second of it unashamed, unapologetic, unabashed …..

This is your time, precious woman and I’m inviting you to join me on this highly transformative journey so you can actually experience the radical shift that you’ve been craving for.

Let’s do this TOGETHER!

Start by diving into my Free Gift for You

a 5-part video training series so you can begin to
Reclaim your Radiance, Passion and Power in 5 days!

“Facing depression and squandering my time in endless self-pity, I began many well-meant searches that ended up going around in circles. Mirella’s caring guidance, strong stand for my potential and expertise helped me find clarity, direction and a new approach to my life. You will see the value of taking on Mirella as a life coach when you work with her. You will find a distillation of the processes of living your own truth. So don’t waste time and save yourself a lot of trouble by taking the opportunity to work with her as soon as you possibly can.”

M. Nicolas – Teacher


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