Sacred Indulgence

Women’s Empowerment Retreat

Aching to renew your self-confidence and reignite your passion?
Want to clear your mind, find inner peace and deeper fulfillment?
 Then join us in Bali for a week of Sacred Indulgence!

Awakening to the melodious sounds of birds and the colors of lush tropical gardens, you breathe in the intoxicating scent of frangipanis as you relish your luscious surroundings.

Amid the welcome sights and sounds, the soothing smell of incense wafts into your room, a hint of recent offerings left on outside altars to the gods and goddesses of the land.

You dress for the day, relishing the feeling of what lies ahead.

Welcomed by a sea of smiles and the gracious hospitality of your hosts,
you realize you already feel at home in this new and largely unfamiliar land.

More than that, you sense a shift within yourself ~ a softening, an opening, a feeling  of sweet surrender as you begin to reconnect with your sensual feminine nature.

Aaaah, you feel that surrender deepening as your entire body is sensually massaged from head to toe. And finally, luxuriously pampered with exotic spa treatments, you dissolve into sensory heaven, deeply relaxed, drifting off, letting go. 

Oh my goddess! Could this be real?

Yes, you are experiencing a Retreat in traditional Bali style, evoking the senses with its richness and meditative serenity. The beauty of nature, art and ritual embrace you.

Wish you could take a break from taking care of everybody and make YOU a priority?

We’ll create the space for you to indulge, receive and be pampered.

Want a doable system for improving your health & fitness?

Together we’ll cultivate simple daily rituals and potent practices to feel healthier.

Ready to address your daily stress level and make some changes?

Discover ways to clear your mind and find inner contentment.

Dreaming of feeling like a woman again (rather than a mother, wife, or in professional robot mode)?

Let’s renew your self-confidence and re-ignite your passion.

You know its time for YOU to have a well deserved break …

Its time for some deep self exploration.
Explore “Sacred Indulgence” for your body, mind, heart n soul.


Bali is a magical isle in the center of the Indonesian archipelago, rich in beauty and tradition.

Ritual and ceremony are a part of everyday life here.

Your journey begins, as your driver awaits you with a big smile and helping hands. You will be whisked away to Ubud, Bali’s cultural centre, famed for its temples, cuisine, art and ceremony.

Arriving in a traditional Balinese resort with ornate décor and lush tropical gardens that are a feast for the eyes, you will feel a sense of wonder arising. 

Your body will sigh with relief as feel yourself begin to unwind.

The next day, your ‘Sacred Indulgence’ adventure will begin with a luscious breakfast, our daily ritual and some surprise treats.

Over the next two days is your ‘Initiation’ time into Balinese culture and your retreat


After two days, we will head out to the east coast and the sleepy seaside village of Amed, where life moves at a slower pace.

This area is known for its traditional ‘Jukung’ outrigger fishing boats. Its also renowned for its vibrant marine life and the famous  US Liberty shipwreck dive nearby.

The delightful ’Life in Amed’ Boutique Hotel will be your home-base over next 5 days. Any residual concerns you may have will simply melt away here.

You will adore the villas, each a unique and tasteful blend of Boho Chic with Balinese luxury.

Take a stroll anytime along the beachfront location,  chill out by the pool or hang out in the comfy lounging areas. 

Our daily sessions are held in the beautiful yoga shala catches the refreshing sea breezes.


This week is a time to surrender to receiving and prioritise your wellbeing.

Lap it up with a menu of exotic spa and beauty treatments to make your inner goddess purr with contentment. Traditional balinese massage, organic body scrubs and flower baths will have you floating on cloud nine.

Rejuvenate yourself with daily yoga, movement therapy and healing rituals.

Drink in some stunning panoramas as we venture through local villages on our way to visit ancient temples, healers and artisans.

Cleanse your aura with purification rituals, set your intentions  and receive sacred blessings from a high ‘brahmin’ priest.

To top it off, we will have a celebration dinner with gamelon music and a Balinese temple dance performance.


Balinese cuisine is tasty, healthy, full of variety and beautifully presented.

Exotic fruits, aromatic spices plus an array of vegetarian and seafood dishes will tantalize your palate. Not to mention the artistic table settings and beautiful surroundings.

Every day, after class, we will supercharge our day with a yummy nutritious breakfast (included).

Lunchtime, you have the option the eat as a group or do your own thing. If you join a tour, we can arrange ‘bunkus’ or takeaway for you.

Your sumptuous evening meals will be a fine dining experience with both fusion cuisine and local delicacies.

Additional healthy juices, coconut water or healing ’jamu’ elixirs will accompany your meal.

Clean drinking water and herbal teas are available anytime.

Any special dietary needs will be happily catered for.


Every morning, we will begin with our regular yoga and health rituals.

Enjoy a healthy, hearty breakfast to kick-start your day. Then, have a dip or wonder back to your villa, before we reconvene for our daily group session. Then we will venture out into the day.               

Together, we will dive into self care at the deepest level.  Awakened awareness and potent practices will raise you to new heights. You will explore your inner world and heal your heart.

You will get to enjoy your outer world, do some fun things and hang out with some really cool people. Many life-long friendships form on our retreats.

Everybody has a different picture for their ideal day. Therefore, we provide some structure and also factor in some free time to catch up with yourself. 

This allows you the space to have siesta, read a book, go snorkelling or sign up for more pampering. So, you can do whatever rocks your boat!


What if you could continue to refuel your energy stores?

Imagine how much easier it would be to cope with the challenges of life and how much more of you is available.

You will get to dive into what s really holding you back from making your needs a priority.

Leave your  old limitations behind and return with a renewed sense of motivation and possibility.

Experience the feeling loved up inside n out and from top to toe!

Be connected with a supportive community of conscious women with your best interests at heart.

By the end of this week, you will feel radiantly alive and see your life through different eyes.

You will complete your divine journey with a savvy self care toolkit and a strategic support system to support your wellbeing on an ongoing basis.

You’ll upgrade your motivation mojo allowing you to share, soar & shine at a new juicy level.

You’ll multiply your magnetism, have the radiant glow to prove it, the confidence to share it and a deeper soul connection that will last forever.

You ready? I know you are.


Mirella del Mondo is a Womens Transformation & Freedom Coach.  She combines her years of experience as a healer, health strategist and wellness catalyst to lovingly guide you on your transformational journey in Bali. 

Not only has she supported many clients, but also navigated her own healing from injury, health crises, abuse and childhood trauma.

Finally, after hitting rock bottom from both physical and  emotional burn out, she chose to take radical responsibility for her life. On a mission to transform her life, she immersed herself in self development, education and copious research.

Blessed with marvellous mentors and teachers, she realises we are not meant to do this journey alone.

Mirella is dedicated to empowering women to claim their freedom, fulfill their dreams & find their foxy feminine magic.

My love affair with Bali began in the late 70s.  It has always held a special place in my heart and been a sacred sanctuary for taking time out to replenish myself. Bali will absolutely delight you, enticing your inner goddess to emerge.’

People adore Mirella’s  playful adventurous spirit. Clients appreciate her presence,  strength and compassionate honesty. 


  • Airport pick up with your own personal driver
  • 7 nites fabulous twin accomodation in hand picked locations
  • 7 healthy hearty breakfasts
  • 5 decadent dinner feasts
  • Daily yoga, meditation & health rituals
  • 6 experiential learning sessions
  • 1 Traditional Balinese massage
  • 1 Luxury spa treatment
  • Scenic village and temple tours
  • Balinese dance performance
  • Purification ceremony and blessings with High Priest


  • Airfare
  • Travel insurance
  • Single accommodation (extra charges apply)
  • Additional tours (extra group activities organised onsite)
  • Snorkelling and equipment (we’ll help you organise this)
  • Private coaching sessions (limited spots available)
  • Transport to the airport for your departure


When you arrive in Bali, you will feel absolutely taken care of.

You can let go of organising, being in control and having to figure it all out.  Let us do all that for you.

YES, all the little details of getting from A to B, organising your room, your dietary needs etc…

Its time to let go!  Just sit back and relax. Give yourself permission to drop into deep relaxation and just allow yourself to receive. 

This is a divine opportunity to tune into yourself,  into your environment, into feeling pleasure and enjoy the magical journey you are on.

Treat yourself to  a delicious dose ‘Sacred Indulgence’ in Bali.