Choosing a holistic holiday retreat package can be risky business. Group retreats and getaways can also be great way to have a healthy holiday, learn new skills and have an amazing time.

Thinking I had the smart solution for the recent  August holidays,  I registered with a well established company with very impressive advertising.  I got myself into something very different to what was presented.

What was advertised as a ‘Life Choices’ program ended up being a package holiday psychotherapy group –  very interesting, but not exactly what I had signed up for!  Upon inquiry when registering, nobody could be specific about the theme. Make sure you are clear about the group focus and the maximum number of participants.

Bigger companies don’t necessarily provide better services – they rely on numbers. Whereas smaller operations for 10 -20 participants usually pay more attention to the finer details that make a huge difference to your stay.

Accommodation was unspecified village housing. People who booked early had great rooms, while others were less fortunate. If accommodation standards vary considerably,  so should the prices.

What was supposed to be a quiet village, ended up having jam-packed alleyways and noise throughout the night. Try to travel out of peak season holiday times.  If you can’t avoid traveling at this time,  seek a retreat with accommodation outside any main towns or villages.

Although having a fully organized itinerary seems tempting, it can really tie you down as well.  Check that class times and group activities are scheduled to allow you enough free time to do your own thing and come back, without feeling like you have to rush to squeeze it all in.

Most of us have a different idea of the ideal holiday,  how we spend our free time and pace ourselves throughout the day. Some people seek out privacy and more relaxing activities, while others crave adventure and socializing.

Look for holiday retreats and programs that provide a variety of recreational options to suit your individual needs. This is especially ideal for friends and family members traveling together,  avoiding conflict of interests. This allows them to share the same common theme and still be satisfied doing their own thing.

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