Vibrant Living
Women’s Adventure Retreat

Yearning to shed excess weight from your body & your mind?
Want to tap into your playfulness? Ready to light up and shine?
Join us in Milos for a magical week in 2018.

Gazing out at the exquisite turquoise and azure hues of the Mediterranean, you feel yourself unwinding and dropping into a timeless trance.

Begin your day getting high on yoga and delicious healthy food. You feel at ease here, connected and at peace.

Savour the simplicity and purity of this pristine isle. Inhale the fresh invigorating ocean air from your seaside villa.

Feel generously welcomed by the proud locals who openly appreciate the beauty of their land. The organic lifestyle and healthy diet enable fitness and longevity. Daily activities in the village move efficiently at a relaxed pace.

Bathing in the crystal clear waters, you are refreshed and invigorated. The beaches boast amazing colours from the high mineral content of the sand, which can change colour dramatically in different areas.

The rawness of this magical island invites you to explore your own instinctual nature. Its jaw dropping beauty and amazing diversity awaken your curiosity and sense of adventure.

Missing a sense of lightness and spontaneity?

We will unravel the excuses and justifications.

Wish you could change your inner dialogue to support your wellbeing ?       

Discover powerful mind hacks and become your own cheerleader

Want to upgrade your nutrition and revitalise your energy levels?

Enjoy healthy eating habits that delight your tastebuds

Dreaming of feeling deliciously playful and carefree?

Discover your playful inner child and activate your adventure spirit.

Ready to shift from feeling drab to fab?

Together we will cultivate and celebrate your unique radiance.

Yes,  it is time for YOU to get your shine back on.


Nestled half way between Athens and Crete, Milos is only a short flight or a 3 to 5 hour ferry ride from Athens.

Welcome to the ‘island of colours’,  rich in minerals and boasting dramatic landscapes in vivid hues. Milos is famous for its stunning beaches, gorgeous sunsets and surreal geological formations.

Steeped in history and diverse influences, Milos was once ruled by the Macedonians, then the Egyptians and the Roman Empire that created its marble theatre. 

Milos is known as ‘the island of lovers’, where the famous statue of  Venus de Milo, the ancient Greek Goddess of Love and Beauty, was found.

You are in the ideal place to embrace these feminine qualities and allow your inner radiance to emerge!


Experience living in a tiny Cycladian village with its typical white washed walls, filled with warmth and character.

Your villa combines traditional elegance and luxurious simplicity. You have the convenience of a mini fridge and tea making facilities.

Located opposite the beach, it is serene and deeply relaxing place to unwind. You can stroll in either direction taking in the picturesque coastline or stop by a local taverna and drink in the fabulous vistas.

The sunsets here are absolutely breath-taking! As the evening descends and the gentle breezes caress you, people come to life.

Maybe you want to soak up the inviting warm ambience, simply dining perhaps with a glass of wine or allow yourself to be swept into the contagious vibe of the greek music.

Or just chill out and enjoy  laying under the clear sparkling skies for some star gazing, before heading off for a rejuvenating nights sleep.


You are in foodie heaven here!  

Savour the sumptuous local specialties in the local tavernas. Tantalise your taste buds with home-made delicacies.

Milos is well known for its cooking and the greek salad is out of this world!

Try the famous ’Volcanic’ cuisine, a unique and local speciality made at ‘Sirocco’,  on Paliochori beach. Here you can experience eating food that was cooked in the volcanic sand from the natural  heat source under the restaurant. To top if off, the view here is absolutely spectacular.

Then, take a dip in front of the restaurant, you may find the warm spots where the spring water bubbles up underneath you.

Gaze across and see the colourful refections from the surrounding rocks or float on your back in the calm waters and do some cloud watching.


Your day begins with energising morning yoga and a scrumptious healthy brekkie. Continue on for a refreshing swim before the days activities.

Our learnings and practices will be integrated into our activities whenever possible. After all, this is an adventure retreat!

We have organised couple of fabulous island trips. You will be enchanted by the cute villages and charming little ports. 

Our special boat tour will take you along remote coastline that can only be reached by water. Milos is best known for its picturesque rock formations, coves and arches. You will get to jump into the turquoise waters and venture into some exquisite caves.

On your free time, you may be happy to just hang around and soak up the sun, or explore a little more.


  • Pick up from the local airport or ferry port in Milos
  • 7 nites twin accomodation in seaside studio villa
  • 7 delicious healthy buffet-style breakfasts
  • Morning yoga and meditation
  • Daily group sessions
  • Art and journalling time
  • Movement and dance therapy
  • Sensational beach hopping adventure
  • Mind blowing ‘off the charts’ Island boat tour
  • 2 tasty group lunches
  • 3 mouth-watering group dining experiences


  • Airfare to Athens
  • Transfer to Milos
  • Travel insurance
  • Single accommodation (extra charges apply)
  • Lunches ~ 2 included on our tour
  • Wine or alcoholic beverages
  • All dinners ~ 3 special group meals are included
  • Private coaching ~ a few slots will be available in free time
  • Transport to the boat or airport after retreat completion date

After our closing ceremony on the last day, you may have different plans to finish of your holiday. Perhaps some of you may to spend a night in Athens or extend your stay to explore some of the other greek islands. We suggest you do a little research and are happy to give you some suggestions.


Mirella Parry is a transformation coach and wellness expert. An avid researcher, she is passionate about yoga, health, nutrition and travel.

‘The Greek islands have seduced me many times. In 2010, I returned three times and began to run yoga retreats there.

On my second visit, I discovered the magical island of Milos.  At the time I was processing an intense personal breakdown.

Its earthy splendour was profoundly nurturing and brought me into a place of deep presence, creating the space to experience some powerful breakthroughs in my life.

Milos truly provided the perfect setting to awaken me to what no longer served me,resolve issues of the heart, connect with my feminine radiance and feel an authentic sense of belonging and feeling supported by life.

As an added bonus, it satisfied my thirst for adventure!’

Mirella’s ongoing mission is to invite women into embracing their gifts, reclaiming their self worth and shamelessly shining their light out into the world.

‘Awareness Adventures’ are retreat journeys to experience where ‘Spirituality Meets Adventure’.


This journey is both deliciously playful and profoundly deep.

  • Learn healthy rituals to cleanse and rejuvenate your body
  • Detox your mind from repetitive thinking that limits your growth
  • Feel the support of like-minded and hearted sisters
  • Discover an internal guidance system that reflects your self worth
  • Practice mindfulness with internally and externally with others
  • Invite your playful inner child to come out and partay!
  • Allow yourself to be seen and to radiantly shine in your full authentic feminine glory.

You will leave feel deeply nourished both inside and out.
Return home with valuable tools and an ongoing support system to keep you track.