What do I need to Bring?
Its very easy to pack too much, to discover you have brought a bunch of stuff you don’t really need and then to find you have forgotten the most essential things.

Don’t leave it til the last minute!

Here’s a handy checklist to make it much easier!
Firstly, if you are traveling internationally, check that your passport is valid for at least 6 months from the date of your departure home. Otherwise,  you may not be allowed to enter the country on arrival or even board your flight on departure.

Important Documents
These little preparations will make your life so much easier in the event of unexpected circumstances.

  1. Make a photocopy of your passport and hide it in your luggage
  2. Copy your credit card number somewhere and disguise
  3. Take out travel insurance with a cancellation policy
  4. Stash your credit card pin somewhere safe
  5. Copy of prescription for your glasses or meds you take
  6. Copy of your boarding pass and travel itinerary For your flight
  7. Snacks you like in case you don’t like the food (I like nuts, dried fruit)
  8. Make sure your phone or other device is fully charged
  9. Jet lag pills or drops
  10. Neck pillow (memory foam ones are awesome)
  11. Mini moisturiser (collect your freebie trial samples at the store)

Organised packing

Do you ever find yourself madly flinging stuff out of your suitcase to find one little thing?

I sure have! I am all for a variety of light zip up bags in different shapes and sizes.
Then I can find my undies, supplements, chargers, contacts etc… on the go.

Make sure at least one is waterproof for anything that can potentially can leak.
(I remember once opening my bag to find my things covered in honey).

Personal Care
These tips will make your life more comfortable

  1. Glasses, readers and contacts .. if you use them
  2. Nutritional supplements and any meds you use
  3. Mini first aid kit.. bandaid, antiseptic creme, something for bites and stings
  4. Sunscreen – sunburn can happen in both warmer and cooler climates
  5. Mosquito repellent
  6. Lip balm
  7. Mini travel kits for cosmetics, shampoo etc.. or create your own.
  8. (they quickly take up space and weight)
  9. Not all cosmetic bags are waterproof, so have an plastic bag or two handy.


  1. Phone / laptop chargers
  2. Mini flashlight

Keep it simple and make sure you include the following….

  1. Comfortable walking shoes – wear them in first, if new
  2. Sun hat (warm weather) or beanie (cold)
  3. Loose comfy exercise gear
  4. Light scarf for windy days
  5. Its always a good idea to bring layers, in case the weather changes
  6. A special outfit for our night out

Its very tempting to overpack and cram in those special outfits you never get to wear.
And, you probably won’t get to wear it all, so keep it as light as possible.

Remember to leave some extra space for shopping!

Happy Trails….

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