Healthy holidays are becoming more popular for all age groups. The old model of ‘bop til you drop’ holidays, where you need a real ‘vacation to recover from your vacation’, is gradually loosing its lure and excitement.

With the increasing work demands in our society, people are now seeking healthier holiday options, that provide ways for them to both reduce stress levels and replenish their energy stores.

Yoga retreats, spa getaways and Eco tourism are becoming increasingly more popular in demand than ever. There is an increasing trend in taking vacations away to loose weight, get fitter, eat healthier and be pampered.

Many travelers are now looking for opportunities learn new skills and get in touch with their creative side.

Personal growth, yoga and meditation retreats are often sought after, as people are becoming more aware of their need to still the mind, reduce stress their stress levels and focus on the spiritual side of their lives.

Eco tourism is becoming more frequently sought after. This is providing many poorer countries with more beneficial ways to boost their economy, without having to exploit their local environment.

It is very exciting that visitors can enjoy themselves, while contributing to environmental preservation projects. Visitors learn how to respect native cultures, local flora, fauna and delicate marine environments.

Vacations are now becoming a new way to embrace transformation as well as relaxation!

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