The Ultimate VIP Retreat

Is your mind running on overload? Is your body screaming out for attention? Is your soul thirsty for something deeper?
Are you aching for some ‘me time’?
Treat yourself to some Bali VIP Indulgence!


If you’re a woman who’s looking to achieve greater success in your business with less effort, usher in juicer connection in your most treasured relationships and majorly amp up the energy in your body, then join Mirella del Mondo for the Ultimate Divine Indulgence VIP Retreat Experience in Bali.

Everything is taken care of! Your body and your mind surrender. You inhale sweet scents and aromatic spices. Sounds of laughter and nature fill the air. Your tastebuds tingle with mouth watering sensations. Tradition, art and beauty surround you in every direction. You feel like a Queen!

Life couldn’t be any better or easier at this moment. Aaah, ‘me’ time at last!

After exploring ornate temples, purchasing beautiful artwork and taking in an impromptu ceremony, your heart is filled as yet another day in paradise winds down to a close.

Your inner goddess purrs with delight as you prepare to soak in the richness of a traditional Balinese massage and sink into a delightful flower bath before preparing for a dinner prepared by one of the region’s top chefs.

Ahhh…the magic of Bali!

You want to be the Confident Creatrix of your life

* Tune into and discover your heart’s deepest desires so you can live a life in perfect alignment with what truly matters to you

* Identify the areas in your life where you are settling for less than you deserve and develop a game plan to say buh-bye to ho hum living

* Discover what is holding you back from having the life of your dreams and unearthing what needs to come forth to move above and beyond it

* Uncover hidden blocks to saying what you (really) think & asking for what you need (so you can drop that habit, for good!)

* Harness your powerful feminine energy to be your most authentic self and get what you want (yum!)

* Restore and rejuvenate your energy and vitality from head to toe so you can feel your best from the inside out


* You are sooo over putting your dreams on hold

* You’ve been using masculine energy to keep it all together 

* You have disconnected from how to really take care of yourself

* You are ready to release old patterns and limitations

* You are ready, willing and able ~ you just need extra support

* You yearn to tap into your juicy femme side

* Its time to re align and tap into the flow of life 

* You are on a sacred mission to reclaim your sovereignty

This is your time and you know it! You can feel it in your bones!


Exclusive private 1:1  time is what works best for you.

You want to have undivided laser focused attention.

You know that, without a shadow of a doubt, you are so committed to upgrade your life and you are ready to accelerate your journey.

Together, we will explore self care at the deepest level. Awakened awareness and potent practices will raise you to new heights.

You will deep dive into how you experience, yourself, others and life to unleash the power of your deserving divine self to flourish and thrive.

Your life will never be the same as you release, rewire and revolutionise every molecule of your being.

You ready to take the leap? You know it’s your time.


Wake up in divine diva style luxury, surrounded by lush tropical gardens in your own tastefully decorated private villa. The sweetest fresh coconuts with be delivered to you every morning.

The sensual scent of sandalwood wafts by from the daily flower offerings to the local gods and goddesses, to bless and protect you.

You are on the skirts of Ubud, Bali’s art and cultural center. It is not unusual for traffic to come to standstill as women in their finest temple robes carry beautiful offerings on their head, the men playing music or carrying an ornate ‘barong’ to the temple.

A refreshing dip in the pool and lounging on your daybed, brings a welcome break in between activities.

After a few days of cultural delights and ceremony, we will tour to the east coast to the gorgeous fishing village of Amed where you will stay in a boutique beachfront villa, decked out in regal boho chic deluxe. You savour every single moment.


The local food variety is like nature’s pharmacy. Bali’s  delicious exotic fruits are so yummy and high in anti-oxidants. Many fruits, plants and teas are known for their anti cancer healing properties, like the sirsak (soursop) and mangosteen.

The local ‘jamu’ is a healing drink used by many locals. The main ingredient, tumeric has many medicinal properties, ranging from anti-inflammatory and wound healing to balancing blood sugar levels. Coconut water is great for dehydration and restoring electrolytes.

Bali’s cuisine is definitely foodie heaven, whether you are vegetarian, into seafood or a meat eater. Exotic spices are lovingly blended to bring out the food flavours. If you are not into hot spicy food, you can feast on mild dishes, that are still bursting with flavour.  Of course, if you are into spicy, they can blow your socks off!

A delicious variety of the most delicious tropical fruits, herbal teas, fresh coconut water, juices and high grade filtered water will be provided in your villa. Breakfast will await you after your morning session.

Gourmet delights will tantalise your tastebuds for lunch and dinner. You will experience both fine dining and sumptuous home style cooking.

Ranging from local delicacies to fusion cuisine, most of the ingredients are organically sourced.

You will receive a questionnaire to fill in and can request any special dietary needs (eg. Vegetarian, vegan, gluten free)


  • 6 nights luxurious stay in your own private villa with pool
  • 3 sumptuous meals daily (catering to your dietary needs)
  • Private chauffeur for airport pickup & excursions
  • 3 two-hour hour 1:1 Coaching Sessions
  • Daily Yoga or therapeutic movement
  • Daily Meditation sessions
  • 2 Traditional Balinese massages during your stay
  • Water blessing with a High priestess
  • Private Session with local ‘Balian’ healer
  • Chakra cleansing ritual
  • Balinese Dance performance
  • Sacred Temple Tour
  • Private shopping & market tour


Energy alignment session
(via skype).

Your VIP journey begins before you even lead home! Yes, we want to get you ‘in the zone’ for your trip. Lets get some of the old shizz down before you leave. We will book you in for an ‘Energy Alignment’ session with my rockstar kineseologist. Share what you want to clear on this journey and what you wish to bring into your life.

Surprise Goddess Goodies Gift pack.

You’ll get a few goodies on arrival in your personal gift back. Its a Surprise, so I am not going to give it all away!  Here are a few things you will receive

  • Yummy body care products
  • Something beautiful for your sacred temple initiation
  • A personal diary for your journey
  • Workbook of potent practices to take home


Your Airfare

However, we are happy to make suggestions.

Travel insurance

I suggest a policy that includes a cancellation  clause, in the event of unexpected circumstances).

Phone calls

Although we strongly encourage that you take a tech detox, sometimes you may need to stay in touch with certain people. Either get international roaming on your phone before you leave or buy a local sim card with internet (we can help you).

Medications or medical expenses

Travel insurance is the best back up. And, don’t worry, you will be in a very clean and healthy environment. However, pack any medications or supplements you are on, as they may be not  be available here.


Mirella del Mondo is a Womens Transformation & Freedom Coach.  She combines her years of experience as a healer, health strategist and wellness catalyst to support your journey.

Having first come in the late 70s, Bali is her second home.

She has carefully hand-picked the most gorgeous environments to nurture your unfolding.

As a nutritional gourmet geek, she will introduce you to an awesome array of exotic fruits and delicious cuisine.

Sourcing the creme de la creme of practitioners and healers, her team will facilitate and deepen your journey.

Mirella is fiercely dedicated in supporting you in cutting through the BS, lovingly guide you to reclaim your full femme power.

By the end of this week you will feel radiantly alive

* Feeling lighter after healing past hurts and clearing old beliefs.

* Recharged and glowing from yoga and powerful health rituals.

* Enriched with a deeper sense of meaning and purpose in your life.

* Empowered in your confidence to be visible and heard as the magnificent magical woman you truly are.

You will complete your divine journey with a savvy self care toolkit and a strategic support system to serve you on an ongoing basis.

You will multiply your magnetism and have the radiant glow to prove it. You’ll step up to soar & shine at a whole new juicy level.

You will remain with a deeper soul connection that will last forever.