Well, there’s the packing and the pre-packing preps! So here’s a list of important things steps to do before you even pull out your suitcase.

I am a well seasoned traveller and on a recent trip I was a bit blasé about a few details. Now I am paying for it! Read on…

1. Make sure your passport is valid for 6 months before the departure date of return from your destination. Otherwise,  you may not be allowed to enter the country on arrival.  These days, its common that the airlines won’t even let you board the plane when you leave. So, don’t look at your passport expiry date in the last minute!

2. Photocopy important documents. This will save you a lot of time in the event of loss or damage.

a. Your Passport. If you do a side trip, you can lock it up securely and use the copy for your ID.
b. Important prescriptions. Make a copy go of scripts for your glasses or any meds you take.
c. Visa card number and Pin (in separate places). Save as a phone number or write it back to front.
d. Online logins in case you need to access certain information.

Its also advisable to copy Visa card number or Pin (in separate places). Save as a phone number or write it back to front. Also have a record of online log ins that you may need.

3. Travel Insurance with a Cancellation Policy.  In the event of lost luggage, missed flight connections or illness, you will be grateful you bought it.

On my recent trip I decided not to get travel insurance as I had a Platinum Visa card. I did not plan any high risk activities, so I assumed I had adequate coverage. Low and behold, I slipped on a wet path and broke my ankle. I called Visa and discovered that they had recently changed their policy. As I had no return ticket back home, they would not honour the policy.
OUCH! So, sheck with your agent on Terms and Conditions. Seriously, who reads all those pages?

Make sure your insurance provider includes a Cancellation Policy if you are attending a retreat or event in case it is cancelled, your are re-imbursed for your travel expenses.

4. A departure ticket is often required when entering a country. If you are not returning home, just have ticket out to the next destination. If the airline does not let you on, you may be refused entry and forced to purchase an overpriced ticket.

5. Global roaming or Unlock your phone. Global roaming is handy but very expensive. Personally, I unlock my phone and purchase a Sim card on arrive.

NOTE: I ask for sticky tape, so I can secure my home Sim card on the back, before I put it back in its protective case (also recommended). This way I use easily find it when I need.

6. Vaccinations. Check if any vaccinations are recommended. You can always choose the homeopathic equivalent from your naturopath.

‘Prepare for the Worst and Expect the Best!’ This way you will be well prepared for the unexpected.
I find, when I am prepared, things very rarely go wrong. Its like a insurance policy in itself.

Now its time for ‘Happy Packing’.

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