About Mirella del Mondo

Hi! I’m a dedicated (WTF) Womens Transformation and Freedom Coach.

I am kick-ass catalyst and soulful strategist, here to support you in claiming your goddess-given right to flourish and thrive.

Drawing upon three decades in health, healing, coaching, yoga and transpersonal psychology, I guide women into being true to themselves.

There is only one thing that stands between you and your empowered future. Its your consciousness. Once you own who you really are, you can redesign your reality.  When you start clearing the crap that’s held you back, you pave the pathway to being in your personal power and living a life that truly lights you up.

My Journey

“Earlier in my life, travel and adventure opened me up to a more exciting and larger version of life.  Yet, beneath my care free exterior, I was escaping a very dysfunctional and painful past.

I was my own worst critic. Deep-seated limiting beliefs about myself, my body, other people and life became a self fulfilling prophecy. I was a magnet for toxic relationships. To make matters worse, despite my greatest efforts, whatever I put my heart and soul into would eventually fall apart.

Unaware that I was sabotaging myselfI would either beat myself up about it or blame others for everything.

Finally it hit me that I had some deep soul searching to do and knew is was time to take full responsibility for my life. 

On my mission to find freedom and inner peace, I immersed myself in research, training with masterful mentors and powerful coaches.

As a result, I was able to naturally overcome serious health issues, heal deep emotional wounds, develop healthier relationships and create a fulfilling, prosperous business.

Gaining the skills to shift my own reality, my pain became my heart-fuelled purpose to facilitate change in others.

My Mission

Are you a people pleaser, over achiever or a painful perfectionist? Have you lost touch with your own feelings and needs? 

Do you keep putting your dreams and desires on the back burner, fearing it irresponsible and selfish to follow them?

When you are ruled by outer expectations, you lose touch with your own inner compass and diminish your divine light.

My mission is to see you STOP settling and to START shining!

Our Divine Retreats

More than just a holiday or a healthy getaway, these heart centred retreats combine pleasure with purpose.

Experience a sacred journey to activate your inner and outer transformation.  Combine fun with experiential learning to unwind your mind, heal your emotions, upgrade your health and empower your spirit.

Magic happens once you step away from your day-to-day reality and see life from a broader vantage point. You feel open and so alive! Your sense of adventure is aroused.

You will cultivate new friendships with kindred spirits.

Mirella and her caring team of teachers, therapists and guides are dedicated to serving you at the highest level.

Yes we will have yoga and learning circles, but don’t worry, you won’t be running to classes all day!

You will live in diva style and get to do lots of fun stuff too. Healthy gourmet cuisine is not the only thing on the menu.

Delicious pampering, sacred rituals, cultural delights fabulous field trips and chill out time are all part of your program.

You wont be left high and dry! We support your ongoing progress in private groups and follow up programs.

We love giving back to local communities, by donating to charitable projects, in the surrounding area of our retreat.