Frequently Asked Questions

What are the classes like?

On our retreats we offer various styles of yoga, meditation, movement therapy and ancient healing practices.

Styles vary from dynamic and flowing to slow and deeply relaxing.
Morning classes are more energising, with restorative practices towards the end of your day.

During our longer retreats, we often include creative activities like cooking, bodywork, local traditional arts and dance.

I am a beginner – will I be able to keep up?

Our classes are multi level with excellent instructors, so you can participate in a way that is safe and suits your individual needs.

What is my accommodation like?

Lovingly hand picked for you, we source the idyllic blend of warm ambience and comfort in stunningly beautiful locations. We always seek the out-of-the-ordinary decor, ranging from stylishly zen to luscious luxury. We are already seeking  luxury ‘glamping’ options a couple of 2018 adventures.

Double and twin share rooms or studios are standard, with private upgrade options. On all our VIP retreats you will have a private room or villa.

Where possible, we provide self contained  bungalows for families or small groups of friends.

What kind of food do you provide?

An interesting variety of healthy delicious cuisine is our focus, so you won’t be bored. Local seasonal and organic produce form the base of your menu..

Balancing healthy vegetables, fruit, starch and protein, you will experience a fusion of local dishes and some well known favourites with a unique twist. And we haven’t forgotten to include some tasty guilt free desserts.

What if I have dietary restrictions?

When you register, you will be forwarded a Health questionnaire, so you can notify us of any specific needs you have, ahead of time. All retreats cater to dairy, gluten free, vegetarian and vegan diets.

Do I have to follow a set structure?

This is YOUR  vacation and we want you to feel free to choose what to participate in. If you want a ‘sleep in’, we do understand!

Structured daily schedules will provide you with a variety of great classes and awesome activities.  We have also left space for free time as well.

We support ‘different strokes for different folks’. Some participants will be more social and adventurous.  Others are here  for meditative quiet time or want to add additional pampering.

We wholeheartedly encourage you to listen to your needs and follow your desires. Remember, everything is optional!

What sort of people come on your retreats?

Our retreats attract women with a desire to have their travel a journey with more meaning and purpose.

Women from different cultures and walks of life enrich the group experience and many new friendships have formed.

The most common threads are a desire to learn new life skills, have a healthy holiday, an authentic cultural experience and deepen their spiritual practice.

Friends and femme family sometimes join to share special sacred time together.

What do I need to Bring?

Firstly bring your beautiful bold unique self.

Check your passport is valid for 6 months from the date of your departure. Otherwise,  you may not be allowed to board your flight or enter the country on arrival..

Don’t worry about what to pack. After registering for your retreat, you will be sent a ‘What to Bring’ list. This will vary with your destination.

Meanwhile check out the suggestions in our travel blog.

Lastly, take an open mind and a positive attitude!