Mirella is a dedicated Women’s Transformation and Freedom Coach aka as the ‘WTF Coach’.

“Discovering Mirella for personal guidance was a precious moment in my life. I was facing depression which dragged on for years. I squandered time in endless self-pity. Using Mirella’s expertise, I was able to cut clear from the lost time and direction I had been experiencing. She exposed me to powerful approaches, compassionately guiding me on a path of clarity and rapid progress. I highly value working with Mirella and recommend that you take the opportunity straight away and save yourself a lot of trouble. When you work with her, you will find a distillation of the processes of living your own truth.”

M. Nicolas


Oh, Mirella!

I had the best time ever, And I’ve told so many stories about my Spa treatments. The spa in Sanur was spectacular. Each treatment was different and very lovely.

The yoga classes were better than the best I have ever experienced. Wonderful vegetarian food … it was a real treat!I will happily send more people through you that are traveling soon. I have a lot of interested friends now that they’ve heard my stories.

Thanks again for everything!

Jennifer, USA

Bali retreat

“What an amazing week of swimming with wild dolphins, yoga and extracurricular activities spent on retreat at the Big Island of Hawaii.  Apart from the heart-felt connections with the dolphins on a near-daily basis, visiting the active volcano was one of the highlights of the week as was our Hawaiian feast in a truly one-of-a-kind dining establishment! Mirella’s unbridled enthusiasm for enabling participants to shine in their light and reach new heights is truly remarkable. Her deep compassion and deeply-connected approach brought out the best in each one of us.  It allowed us to do both, openly dance our dreams both upon our mats and enrich each of our souls.  I certainly reached out beyond my limits and began to grow into what I have desired to become and now have the possibility to realize. I highly recommend joining her on a retreat anywhere in the world. Just go for it - your life will never be the same.”

Martina, Engineer

Hawaii Retreat

If you want to design your life, this is for you! You are the architect and Mirella gives you the tools to  to observe my state and design my day.

She is a teacher of life and an inspiration. She supports you in rediscovering what you already know and being empowered in who you really are.

Betty, Sydney


Through working with Mirella, I have experienced substantial spiritual growth and development.   I have more energy, my stress levels are reduced, my balance and flexibility greatly improved. Also, my neck pain has dramatically improved.   I am surprised how quickly the improvement came and I recommend Mirella to both my patients and my friends.   

Paul Ameison, Naturopath

Yoga and Movement Therapy

I’ve enjoyed the time out to just ‘be’ and the chance to go more inwards and focus on my breath. My breathing is deeper and fuller.

These classes are very nurturing and allow you to go gently into a good stretch, without straining. Mirella takes great care to make sure the poses are ‘tailor-made’ for every level of experience.

Sue Farrell - Yoga teacher

Yoga and Movement Therapy

“I want to thank you for the wonderful coaching experience I had with you. You really helped me to become clear on the negative beliefs I was holding around a very important issue. Now I have reframed that old pattern and it is no longer my reality. What I especially like about your sessions is they are clear and simple, yet achieve profound results. You have helped me immensely.”

Sohana Bohlool, Bali


I have found Mirella’s coaching sessions to be immensely helpful and specific.  I have a clear focus on what I want to achieve over a specific time frame and am moving closer to my goals. I would recommend her to anyone who wants to achieve their full potential.

Kind regards

Anna Forster


“I was lucky enough to hear from Mirella in time to book a slice of heaven for my holidays. We met up at a beautiful home retreat in The Bay and it all unfolded from there. My various food requests were willingly noted, the food was superb and the dolphins gave us day after day of their loving attention.

“Yoga was great, with Mirella being able to accomodate our different requirements and tailor to suit each of us. I was nervous about joining others for a beachside banquet but the friendship and comraderie that were offered made for a fabulously memorable night.

“I can highly recommend this holiday to anyone who loves dolphins, health awareness, the beauty of nature and who is open to revealing more of themselves to the world in a desire to grow.”

—Ishka Massey, Property Developer

Hawaii retreat

I attended  the Greek Islands yoga retreat in the summer of 2009 and came away with a life-affirming and healing experience.

For Mirella, yoga is more than poses.  Her passion for yoga and life in general is absolutely infectious. I felt grounded and empowered.  She has more personal integrity and spirituality than most people I’ve ever met.

A gifted teacher and a beautiful human being, Mirella has an adventurous streak and creates not only fun – but joy – during her retreats. The phrase “jump and the net will appear” comes to mind.  During our retreat, we explored other islands, towns and stunnning beaches.  I wholeheartedly endorse Mirella  and Awareness Adventures. 

Caroline Stoute, Toronto Canada

Greek Island retreat

After suffering from years of chronic neck, shoulder and back pain from pruning and tractor work, I am finally pain-free. I used to be very stiff and am now flexible. I am so the huge changes Mirella’s guidance and Yogalates have made in my life life.

- Robin Wolf - Farmer

Yoga Therapy

I’ve been practicing yoga regularly for over 3 years and after a couple of private sessions with Mirella I learned a great deal about new poses and techniques to further enhance my yoga practice. Mirella is truly an expert in the yoga world and she has a beautiful warm and caring energy. It is an absolute pleasure to have her as a teacher!

Ethan Drozd - graphic designer

Yoga Therapy