Swim with Dolphins

Hawaii healing retreat

Ever dreamed of swimming with wild dolphins?
Yearning to open your heart and awaken your spirit?
Join us in Hawaii for a life changing journey!


Landing on the Big Island of Hawaii, you are welcomed by friendly faces a warm aloha! You you automatically slip into the relaxed vibe of this unique land of fire and ice.

Chauffeured to your hotel, you are greeted with a delicious welcome cocktail. After laying down your bags, you refresh yourself and step outside to breathe in the fresh ocean air.

You wonder through the luscious tropical gardens to where the waves are lapping on the nearby shore. Mmmm.. such a peaceful place.

Your body and mind surrender to the raw beauty of nature, mesmerised by the palms swaying gently in the breeze. The scent of frangipanis and ginger flowers seduce you with their delicate aromas.

Melodious sounds of hawaiian song make you smile and bring on a warm fuzzy feeling.

Feel your stresses melt away, as you deeply relax and unwind in this nurturing paradise.


Daydreaming of packing your bags and leaving your worries behind? 

You know there is more to life than ticking all the boxes and you’d rather be ticking off your bucket list.

Craving to do something that makes you feel alive and makes your heart sing.

You want to go on a healthy holiday that gives you a new lease on life. You want to develop healthier habits and make fitness more fun.

You are yearning for a deeper spiritual connection that brings contentment and inner peace.

You are ready for a dose of heathy fun and the soulful adventure of a lifetime!


You are warmly welcome by our friendly dolphin guides.

You can sense their special connection with the dolphins, as they bring you into their world, sharing their behavoirs and how to respectfully interact with them.  After our initiation and a sacred ritual, we are ready to meet our new friends.

Entering the refreshing calm waters of the bay, you are surprised by the pleasant temperature. Mesmerised by a dancing array of a brilliant blue hues, you gaze through the crystal clear waters. 

Something catches you eye and the pod of spinner dolphins swimming beneath you come into focus. You are tingling with excitement!

Something stirs deeply inside your soul. You enter a sacred space that is profoundly moving and humbling. 

In the healing presence of the dolphins, you feel your heart opening as you enter into an ecstatic timeless trance.  


This is a rare place where the friendly spinner dolphins love interracting with humans This is why we come here.

They can change location daily, so we only find out in the morning from our local guides where the action is.

Don’t worry if you don’t know how to snorkel, as we will practice beforehand, so you feel at ease.I know many people, including me, who have healed their fear of deep water, after swimming with the dolphins.

Swimming with the green sea turtles is another highlight of our trip. You will also swim amongst an amazing array of colorful tropical fish.


Begin your day with a potent fusion of yoga, healing sound and meditation to open your body, mind and heart to receive the dolphins. 

Every day we will interweave spiritual and healing practices with hawaiian tradition.

In between, you will have time to relax, journal or bliss out with a traditional lomi lomi massage.

Extra excursions can be organised to visit the Volcanoes national park, the majestic Waipeo valleyGreen sand beach or experience an evening swim with the manta rays.


Awaken from your sweet slumber to catch a glorious sunrise or just sink back into your cosy mattress until our days activities begin. 

Your resort artfully blends creature comfort and raw nature to make your stay a divine experience.

Hear the powerful land whisper its ancient secrets to you. Poised on a private tranquil coastline, your resort sits adjacent to a special Hawaiian sacred site.

Pele’, the goddess of fire and guardian of this isle, reveals her multi-faceted beauty to you in her intricate lava formations and the gorgeous green blue hues of her pristine waters.

Hawaii boasts an array of hawaiian, japanese and western dishes. The tropical fruits are absolutely mouth watering.

Our morning buffet will supercharge your day with a scrumptiously nutritious blend of cleansing superfoods that will sustain your energy levels.

Within our scheduled program, we have created some unstructured time slots to allow you to go on couple of the awesome adventure tours available. Perhaps you wish to indulge in a Hawaiian ‘lomi lomi’ massage.

Unless we have a group activity arranged, lunchtimes are free for you to eat out together or do your own thing.

Three group feasts have been organised to celebrate different key phases of our journey together, including a spectacular Hawaiian ‘luau’ and show.


* Airport pick-up

* 6 nites accommodation with daily buffet breakfast

* 3 celebration dinners

* 2 X guided boat dolphin swim (includes snorkel equipment)

* Snorkelling tour with the green sea turtles

* Daily yoga and meditation

* Life skills for your body, mind and soul

* Hawaiian cultural activities & rituals

* Traditional Hawaiian luau feast and show


* Airfare

* Travel insurance

* Accommodation in the event of flight cancellations

* Single accommodation (quotes base on queen share - extra charges apply)

* Lunches - we will improvise to match the days activities.

* Private coaching

After our closing circle on the last day,  we will provide transport to the airport. However, if you extend your stay, you will need to organise your own transportation.


Mirella del Mondo is a dedicated Womens Transformation & Freedom coach who loves a great adventure!

“Swimming with the wild spinner dolphins has been one of the greatest highlights of my life.

The Big Island of Hawaii is one of my favourite retreat destinations. It is the birthplace and home to Pele, the volcano goddess, the most powerful of all the old Hawaiian deities.

It is a power center, believed to link back to the ancient land of Lemuria. It is a place that facilitates deep healing and powerful transformation

Many people come here to heal – whether they are just getting out of a long relationship, grieving over someone or something lost, or getting over an illness or major life change. 

Join me on a journey that remain in your heart forever!.’


Huge heart opening and healing

Expanded self awareness

Awakened sense of aliveness, playfulness & adventure

Let go of old baggage & experience a lightness of being 

Increased mind body connection

New life skills and spiritual practices

Gratitude for gifting yourself the Adventure of a Lifetime!

Come home with an experience that will remain in your heart forever